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Mentoring Mums

During my teaching and role as co-ordinator, much of my time was spent in conversations with parents, especially mums who needed guidance around issues their children were experiencing.

Being too close to the "problem" means mums don't always know the best way forward. Making the focus of the session about them allows for greater clarity.

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Walking with Women Career Transition

As someone who made the decision to leave the teaching profession and begin a career in life coaching,  I am well able to support women with heir decision to make a career move.  Regardless of age and other circumstances, new opportunities can begin to open up when women feel supported, have the right tools and a clearer focus

As human beings we are constantly changing. Seeking guidance from a life coach can make the transition to new behaviours easier to navigate. By working together, you will be able to better manage your time, create new habits, tap into your potential and open new doors.

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