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Faith: Teaching is a vocation for the brave and the dedicated

St Catherine of Alexandria had many reasons to abandon her faith, but instead she continued to live according to her values. It was ordered that she be executed on a breaking wheel (execution wheel), a torture method popular in the 4th century.

In this technological world that often leaves us lacking time for reflection, every so often a young person comes along armed with the passion to teach and ready to pursue a career as an educator. Teaching is a noble profession and those entering into it do so because they want to help shape young minds.

Stephanie is one such person, a pre-service teacher getting ready to enter the profession, the classroom and the world of teenagers, who will sit in front of her, ready to work and ready to challenge. It’s a vocation for the brave, the dedicated and those who care about the future of the next generation.

Initially her choice was to be a primary school teacher but through her experience of leading youth ministry, she listened to the soft, small voice that became a roar and she made the change to secondary.

In this teenage world of secondary education, Stephanie will be confronted with the myriad issues that students bring from their homes, through the gate and into the classroom. Stephanie will go on to be an extraordinary and compassionate teacher of history and religious education. I know this because, as her supervisor, I watched as she prepared classes, taught stories from the Bible and events from medieval history.

By Gemma Di Bari

October 5, 2019

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