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Spectator Sport

Life can be a spectator sport or a truly daring adventure. When the day comes to take our last breath, how many of us will be able to say, we have looked fear in the eye, lived our dream and not played small to please others?

There are days we wake up with that feeling that there is more to life, but the steps we need to take towards the completion of our dreams, appear too big and too frightening.

"He's always believed in me": Alyssa Azar and her father Glenn.

We allow the small voice of uncertainty to become a roar that paralyses us into inaction, keeping us safe but also disillusioned.

To change one's life requires faith and faith requires action. Sometimes we need to marvel in the accomplishments of others, to remind ourselves of our untapped potential.

Earlier this year, Alyssa Azar amazed us with her skills, endurance and unshakable tenacity. At age eight she completed the Kokoda trail with her father, and in May, at the age of 19, she became the youngest Australian to climb Everest.

But I'm going to focus the light on her father, who brought this young woman up to be strong, independent and fiercely curious about life.

Recently I attended a speaking event that Glenn Azar gave at the Coaching Institute. This man has done many mind-boggling things. He has travelled to parts of the world that many of us will never seek nor want to explore.

He has gone where only the bravest choose to go. He has been a soldier, is a nurse and success coach, has a career in adventure travel and says he is a student, still with things to learn. Not for him the manacles that keep so many bound, but a willingness to face the unknown with courage.

I sat and listened to one man's view of how to create a meaningful life, and it rang with the inevitable truth we so often want to ignore. Life takes courage to be lived well.

He said success comes from hard work, from not having a plan B but by focusing all our energy on plan A. He said it's not what you want to do in life but rather who you need to become to achieve the dream.

The mountain itself is not the greatest challenge, it's being brave enough to take the first tentative step.

In the final analysis what I surmised was this: I will never climb Everest nor tackle Kokoda but I will, with determination, take aim at my goal and continue my climb.

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